!! Shree Gajanan Prasanna !!

Abhishek Poojan 6:00 am7:30 am
Morning Aarti

8:00 am8:30 am
Naivedhya for Maharaj

10:00 am
Individual Reading of Pothi

10:00 am6:00 pm

12:00 noon4:00 pm
Naivedhya for Maharaj

7:15 pm
Aarti and Bhajan with and in presence of Guru Baba

7:30 pm 9:00 pm

9:00 pm onwards

Rules for Mahaprasad

1.  Bhakt who would like to eat Mahaprasad should be present in the temple by 7:30pm.

2. No leftovers should remain in the Mahaprasad plate.

Rules for people who would like to give Mahaprasad

1. Nominated amount for Mahaprasad is Rs. 4,200 (Four Thousand and Two hundred Rupees)

2. Non-Refundable Booking deposit Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Rupees)

3. Remaining amount should be deposited at the Temple office at least 2 days before Mahaprasad. Please do not forget to collect receipt for the same.

4. For Mahaprasad, please be present in the temple by 7:30pm.

5. Bhakt who would like to perform Maharaj’s Aarti should be present in the temple by 7:15pm along with Soula (Sacred dhoti – Soula which is not stitched) and Up-vastra.

6. Please bring following things for Maharaj:

a) One big Suman Har (Big Garland)
b) One small Suman Har (Small Garland) and
c) Two Gulkand Paans without Masala and without Supari

7. Any other Prasad as per your wishes.

8. Please maintain silence in the temple and please do not speak amongst yourself.

9. Please maintain temple’s ‘Grace, divinity and dignity’

Please contact Temple’s office for any suggestions.
Please provide your Present Address, Mobile number and Email id.

Special Notice:

Mahaprasad cannot be given in remembrance of a dead person

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